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"Welcome to my world of writing."

A.J. Write


A.J. Write was born and raised in Baltimore, MD but now resides in Georgia with her husband and 2​ daughters. She is 31 years old. A.J. attended Jacksonville State University where she obtained her bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. She grew up loving Criminal Justice but in the back of her mind she always had a knack for writing. A.J. used to write poetry and picked up her first urban fiction book in the 7th grade. It was at that moment when she fell in love with the genre. Ever since then she had wanted to write a book but felt it wasn't the right time. It wasn't until late 2015 when she was pregnant with her first daughter that she finally decided to give it a try. She wrote what is now known as, A B-more Love, and sent it off to a few publishers when she decided to sign with Lucinda John and her company Lucinda John Presents. She released her debut book in November 2015. A.J. currently has 48 titles under belt with many more books to come. In 2017, A.J. was inspired by her mother to start writing children's books. Under the pen name Mai B., she's published 4 books so far with a lot more in store. A.J. has now added coloring books to her resume with more in the works.  She is always working on something. With many ideas in mind, A.J. will keep you and your children entertained.

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