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Black Girl Magic

March 24, 2020

Times have truly changed. So let's take a minute and appreciate all of the Black Girl Magic that has been transpiring around us lately. Women, young and older have stepped up in a major way when it's come to business, entertainment and more. For some time now, we have seen black women become something great; Leading and giving examples of what it means to take a stand.

Black women are walking to the forefront of companies and showing just how great our Black Girl Magic is. Becoming presidents and CEOs are some major accomplishments, especially during a time like now. Women are starting businesses. Showing that it can be done. Whether the company is big or small, black women are taking over.

Women like Nia Long, Ava DuVernay and many more African American women are beginning to do more behind the scenes. Showing us that we can lead in more ways than one. Be the one to give direction and not always have to take it. It goes down to the likes of Marsai Martin, who started off co-starring on a tv show and now adding producer to her resume. These beautiful queens, no matter the age, are showing that we do have it in us to succeed behind the scenes as well as in front the camera.

Then you have women like Jess Hilarious and B. Simone who have used their social media platform to go even bigger. Moving on to comedy tours, tv shows and creating beauty lines. Then you have the likes of Tiffany Haddish who stepped on the scene swinging with her comedy. You can be funny while being yourself. These women are showing that it can be done. It's called trusting the process.

We can't forget the music industry. From Cardi B. hopping on the scene to H.E.R. with her amazing vocals to Megan The Stallion with her Hot Girl ish, women are coming on the scene and demanding to be seen and heard. Making sure that these men know that there's room for us too. Many may not agree with some of these female artists actions but we can't deny the talent and need for women giving us a reason to want to join them.

While the entertainment industry is what's popping, let's not forget about all the black mothers who makes sure that they make a way for their children, especially our single mothers. Mothers sacrifice, stress, over think, pull overtime and so much more to provide. Mothers pushing their children to be great. Not taking any mess. Now that's Black Girl Magic at its finest. Now, how about the women who are going through schooling to become a doctor? Black women in white coats, PhD behind their name, is beyond magic. Black women are becoming Licensed Social Workers, Psychologists and Psychiatrists.  Not only making a difference for the culture but in the lives of children and people everywhere. We're breaking barriers here. We're not only saying that time has changed at this point but that there is time for a change.

We can go even higher with politics. That has been proven by the beautiful Dr. Michelle Obama, first African American First Lady. Also known as our forever FLOTUS. She is the epitome of Black Girl Magic. She spoke and still speaks so much life into our forever POTUS. So much so, that she shined bright as well. We can't forget about the women who has served and remain serving in seats within Congress or has become a Senator. And even better a Mayor. As black women, they brought their own chair to the table. Never letting anyone stop them or dim their light. 

As black women we can't have a conversation without talking about hair. It's us. Hair is who we are. Whether you're natural or like to get protective styles, we still use products that helps our beautiful tresses look amazing. Black women are now business owners selling bundles of every type of hair you can find. Taraji P. Henson has a line out in stores now. But she's not the only one. There are so many black women who has invested so much time and money into making products for our beautiful queens. Making sure that our hair grows, edges are laid and become thicker if we want it. Black Girl Magic is serving and protecting our own while keeping it within our community. 

Young black girls and women all over the world are taking their education serious. Getting multiple degrees before the age of 21.  Finishing their degrees after trial and tribulations. Starting businesses well before becoming a teenager. Starting a business because they lost a job or found the need of specific products to hit the market. Leading revolutions. Starting campaigns. Making a difference. Black girls just have that magic. And there's no stopping us.

Black Girl Magic isn't just about business. It's also standing up and supporting the next female. Empowering them to keep pushing through adversary. Adjusting each other's crown and helping the next keep their head up through anything. We all fall short sometimes, but as a sistah, we keep it moving. Making sure that we reach our goals and helping the next do the same. Black Girl Magic is congratulating when the next sistah wins. Just like when Miss Nigeria celebrated Miss Jamaica winning Miss Universe 2019. Black Girl Magic is celebrating the next queen's accomplishments. Black Girl Magic isn't just about self but every black female that wants something out of life.

From young girls of the next generation to millennials, to our even wiser women, black girls and women are paving the way for the next set of black girl magic to come even harder than before. If you thought for one second that your dream is impossible to reach then look at every single black woman that was either mentioned or you know of and read their story. Trust that nothing came easy. Hard work, dedication, sacrifice, prayer and more are all a part of the plan. We all have some Black Girl Magic in us. Now what are you doing to show it?

The New 30

October 17, 2021

Is it really over once you turn 30? As somebody who just turned 30 this year, I can say that the answer is a big no. Growing up, I'm sure just about every millennial had their life planned out. I know I did, some. I just knew that I'd graduate college, be in my career, be married by 25, have my first child at 28 and own a house, all by 30. What was your life plan?

While most of what I planned has already happened, not all of my plans have been crossed off my list just yet. I'm sure by 30, most knew that they would be married with children, Many probably planned to be in their careers as well. Even have their dream home. so did your plans match up with your current reality?

It's ok if your answer is no. It's ok if you didn't go to college right after high school. It's ok if you stayed home year or two or even a few more years after high school. It's ok if you changed your career path a dozen times. It's ok if you didn't finish college in four years. It's ok if you had a kid early or even later. Or have yet to have a kid at all. It's ok if you're not even in a serious relationship. Just know that it's ok.

It's ok if you're taking your time. Society has tried conditioning us to believe that we need to be at a certain place in life by a certain age or time. society has had us thinking that we need to have had a least one child by 30. Even be married or at least have a potential candidate. Be in our own place. Have a good five figure salary job.

How often are you asked, when are you going to settle down? When are you going to stop jumping from job to job? When are you going to figure out what you want to do in life? When are you getting your own place? But my question is, did those very people who keeps asking us there questions have it altogether by 30?

Were they married before having kids? Did they have their own place by 30? did they go to college and be in their career by 30? Were they making the money they wanted by 30? Did they have it all by 30? Not just some but all of the very questions they ask us on the daily.

The older generation loved to hassle millennials about our lives. When all we're trying to do these days is just make it to tomorrow. Millennials are about working less and playing harder. But that doesn't mean that we're not working hard at all. It just about enjoying life at this point.

This is a time when people have started businesses like no other. Starting them right out of their living room, garage, bedroom or even a small storefront. I don't remember hearing or seeing about the generation before us doing what we're accomplishing today. Forget working for somebody for the next 30 years. Owning and creating generational wealth is our thing.

Millennials are taking mental health serious because it is serious. It's very much prevalent these days. Many people are working jobs and are mentally unhappy. Mentally drained actually. The money may be good but that's not enough. People are dealing with a lot now days and millennials aren't taking any mess from just anyone. Therapy has finally been taken serious by millennials and it's ok. We're not holding anything in any longer. That's something to be proud of. We're the generation to let it be known that taking to somebody is not a bad thing.

People don't realize that it's not the job itself that is hard to deal with. It's the people and millennials will quit a job in a heartbeat. It may be for many reasons but staying where we're unhappy just isn't happening. You can now catch us living our best life. I've seen so many millennials traveling. Something I love to see. People exploring the world instead of just working all the time.

It's a blessing to be able to enjoy your life while also working. Or should I say living your dream. This new 30 is different from our parent's 30. It seems like our 30 comes with more responsibility. We are for sure paying bills that our parents didn't at 30 years old. But we're handling it like bosses. Taking it one day at a time

That's not to say that there aren't some out there struggling. After going through the toughest part but still going through a pandemic, some have either hit a major set back or a major come up. this pandemic has tested millennials more than teachers have. Either way, 30 in the 21st century is something else.

I say all that to say that if you're 30 or almost 30, stop worrying about what others are doing. That plan that you had growing up, throw it out the window. Go with the flow and give it all you got. Start that business. Chase your dream. Don't stress about love. Whether it's now or later, it will come. Don't stress about kids, they will come as well. Whatever you decide to do, just be happy with that decision.

We're 30. So live life to the fullest. Control what you can control. It's ok if you're not where you thought you would be. the main question is, are you happy with where you are right now? If not, then do something about it. Travel. Leave your job. Create something. Go after that job anyway. but most importantly, do what makes you happy.

So no, it's not over now that you're 30. Life is just beginning.

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