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Meghan, a boss in her own right and one of the hottest club owners in the city, is a different type of beauty. She’s a chick who drives in her own lane, never worrying about the next, and takes color to a whole new level. Meghan is a free spirit who’s always down to help however she can. But as loving as she can be, that same love has never been on her side…until she unexpectedly meets someone who doesn't play any types of games. Grim, a no nonsense man, is only worried about two things: raising his son and making his money. He's a street dude whose never in the way, or flashy. He keeps a low profile, so love is the last thing on his mind…until a phone call sets off a series of unexpected events, taking him on a ride he never sees coming. In this series, the hardships of love, friendship and family, three things important to these two, will be tested. Will they continue to fight for what they believe, or will they allow outsiders get the best of them? Will they take a chance at their newfound love, or will they both continue to say fuck love? They say times heals all wounds, but will Meghan and Grim allow themselves to overcome their pride, or continue to bury their problems on the inside? This is only the beginning of this Hot Girl Series, so sit back and enjoy the ride...see you on the other side.

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